Thursday, July 30, 2009

My philosophies as an artist

to tell you about my philosophy's as an artist i must first begin with a brief history of myself.
i grew up on a small farm in hamilton, i went to deanwell kindy and primary for my first schooling.
in year 7 i went to a private bording school in cambridge i was a day student and a border at different times, this school was extreemly strict and very christian, we had chapel every wednesday! I really did not fit in at a privat school so i swiched - i went from one extreem to the other. i started Melville high and it was the best decision ive ever made in my life.i also got an oppertunity to sail on the spirit of new zealand!!!!! (was the best thing ever!) i now attend art school in dunedin!. my mother came from a very conservative family and my father came from a very open minded family. my grandmother was an alcoholic who lived with us when i was younger and she was definatly an iconic figure in our house hold when growing up.

i believe that all these things have shaped me in my thoughts and how i percieve things, which is why its al relevant. in some of the works i have compleated, you can see a posible contraversial theeme (sexuality). I like working with a sexual theeme becaus its fun, it pushes myself and others outside of their comfort zone. people are funny, we all do funny things all the time, we react in ways that are sometimes odd. and i love seeing people react that way.
i also really like feminist art, my favorite person would have to be Judy Chicago. I find she is a fantastic role model! and i love her opinions on femininity. (another female herowin of mine is Elanor of Aquitane, her son was richard the lion heart. She was an amaizingly strong and powerfull lady for her time ) so that is my philosophy!!! LOL

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